It’s a perfect time to get into China!


1,353,821,000 population (estimated 2012)

The more, the better.

Travel, Restaurant, Product …

No matter what your busines is!

You will find numerous customers of yours over in China.


Want to expand your business into China?


What ACE can do for you?

We can produce television, newspaper and internet advertising and consult on the best media placement for your business needs.

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How we do it?

ACE provides different options on advertising to suit your products and negotiate the best possible outcomes with the most effective and powerful media outlets in China.

Tailor a media strategy to target the right Chinese customers for your company’s products and services.

The basic 4 steps are shown on the right. If you want more details please comtact our experts. We will find out the best way to help you get into China market.

Why Choose ACE?

To understand and navigate through the extensive Chinese media landscape can be extremely difficult without the benefit of local media experience and knowledge.

Our expertise and experience with the Chinese media enables us to place your company’s products and services on the best possible media providers to minimise your expenditure whilst maximizing your sales potential.

Our Experience

Experienced in working within the local Chinese advertising, marketing and media for over 10 years. The main planner has had played the rolls of:
– Business Planner
– Business Writer
– PR Manager
– Media Planner

We provide both English and Chinese Services.

Don’t just think.

Call us now, get your next move!

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P 07 3252 2259

Including1 – Customer analysis Competitor analysis

2 – Target audience analysis Advertising / PR Research

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1 – Range of media
2 – Methods of promotion
3 – Period plan of delivery

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Including1 – Delivery report
2- Analysis of results
3- Summary report

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